The Watson Society

The Watson Society

the-watson-society-logoThe Watson Society is a Non-Profit Organization based in Rome (Italy) whose aim is to promote a new way of thinking in business culture, shifting away from conventional rules and focusing on new horizons.

As articulated in the Charter, the objectives of the Association are of an operational, diplomatic and philanthropic nature and the Society can count on a growing number of partners and stakeholders, both Italian and foreign.

The Watson Society is the ideal partner for national and foreign Corporations that can rely on The Watson Society as an operating workshop able to help launch innovative projects in the field of Advocacy, Public Diplomacy and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Association is recognized as a perfect stakeholder for other Non-Profit Organizations such as banking and cultural foundations, trade associations and international and national Chambers of Commerce that will find The Watson Society to be a useful tool to boost their own initiatives.


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